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    Company Profile
        The Taiwan Shu Chiang Co., Ltd. was established in 1989. With over 20 year experience. Through our advanced management and technology techniques, we develop our market internationally and domestically to effectively maximize the allocation of business resources. We have been striving to increase our product quality and products in order to be the frontier of the industry. In 2008, we set up the QC clean room to aggressively research and develop the manufacturing of various kinds of precision filtration products which are exported to Europe, America, Japan and dozens of other countries and are well-received by customers around the world.

        Excellent Quality, Customers First and Honesty are our core business principles. We are consistently offering the most innovative products, the broadest technology base, and the most experienced staff in the filter media industry. Our customers across various sectors such as electronics, semiconductors, petrochemical factories, pharmaceuticals, beverage processing, paints, car manufacturing, printing ink, and water treatment industries, etc. They also cooperate with us for many years. Over years, we have built up outstanding partnership in this industry. We will continuously launch various kinds of new products in order to meet the requirements of all customers.

        Shu Chiang has a full range of filtration materials with various specifications, been able to meet your demand of filtration requirements. We are the supplier of choice for the alternate filtration products that you are looking for and happy to work with you.